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Songbird is specializes in offering low cost, high quality wholesale VOIP. Founded in 2009, Songbird currently routes millions of minutes daily over data networks, saving consumers and businesses up to 90% off traditional long distance rates.

Corporate Headquarters

Songbird Trading Limited

Office: 4 11/F, Boss Commercial Centre 28, Ferry Street,
Yau MA Tei Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Phone: +852-58035634,+88-01950012340

Products & Services

Wholesale Routes

Songbird provides the highest quality and most cost efficient voice routing service to its customers. It is connected with all the major tier 1 & tier 2 carriers. Hence, Songbird can ensure you better price and quality at right destination if you ensure us best volume of traffic. Wholesale packages are:

  • A-Z destination routes (CLI and Standard)
  • Premium (Pure CLI)
  • Gold (Only Standard)

In Sogbird wholesale you will get a dedicated account manager to get interconnect faster and properly. Moreover, Our network operation center (NOC) supports 24X7 to provide assistance to our clients. Upon interconnection, $1 (US) free credit would be given you to check route quality for your desired destination. If you are satisfied with the quality, you can deposit the balance amount and then start using our route commercially. We accept PayPal, VISA and Master card.


  • High Quality Route
  • Competative Rates
  • Quality based routing
  • True LCR functionality
  • A-Z route included by default

Mobile Dialer & Soft Switch Rent

If anybody is planning about initiating hosted VoIP business then, Songbird is the right place to make it realistic. Songbird provides the world class hosted VoIP solutions with the followings:

  • Licensed iTel Switch Plus
  • Licensed iTel Mobile Dialer
  • Licensed Platinum/Other dialers
  • iTel Byte Saver (free with all the dialer)
  • Dedicated Server with unlimited bandwidth
  • Free PC2Phone Dialer

To facilitate the service more we offer the below packages with the affordable investment:
  • 50CC (iTel mobile dialer + iTel Switch + Server) --->$199
  • 100CC (50cc iTel mobile dialer +50cc another dialer + iTel Switch + Server) ---> $249
  • 150CC (100cc iTel mobile dialer + 50cc another dialer + iTel Switch + Server) --->$299

To ensurehere your queries and problems are explained and solved a proficient sales team as well as a skilled technical team is present 24 X 7 at all 365 days.


  • Your own brand and Customizations
  • Complete Solutions of your Business
  • Multiple Dialer options
  • Easy Migration between packages
  • Aslo compatible with 3rd party software
  • Data backup facility

Songbird Reseller

Songbird also offers VoIP reseller service which is completely hassle free and profitable sphere of VoIP services.Becoming a part of Songbird's reseller package will let you offer your clients constant service without having any prior technical knowledge. Songbird reseller package includes:

Let’s start your VoIP reseller business with Songbird with the minimal investment embracing a user friendly web interface (Core4 VoIP billing page) together with 24/7 support and a more flexible payment method.


  • Easy to start
  • Flexible as you need it to be
  • Easy CDR management on multiple interface.
  • Own Branding Options.
  • No additional Investment

Direct Calling

Songbird Smart VoIP Dialers are designed over IP system for making and receiving calls using the Internet. It works using Edge/3G/4G/ broadband rather than traditional landline methods. You can make overseas calls for a fraction of the price of traditional telephony, and with better sound quality through our softare. No matter what type mobile model you use you can download our dialert on your phone. Whether you use it as means of contacting suppliers or for your customers to reach you, it’s important that you’re readily available with a clear phone line for strong communication. Songbird offering higher-quality voice, allowing you to hold conference calls over IP without interruptions or bad service. Meanwhile, if you’re on a call with a customer, the quality of the line will be far greater, leaving no confusion or misheard quotes. Our Dialer also use a lower bandwidth, and as the technology behind these continues to advance, the superior quality will continue to improve. It allows you to do overseas calls without expensive bills, so you can get closer to your Family, customers and vendors using our system.

$5 (US)

Easy to Install and Use

Our dialers are easy to set up and even easier to use. With a few easy steps, you’ll be good to go.

  • Just download the software from any of the linked store from below/abobe.
  • Install it on your mobile
  • register account with own phone number.
  • And start making your calls from contact or direct from dial pad.

Download Software

Business with Us

Songbird spends a significant amount of money each payment cycle on the acquisition of goods and quality Routes and services in support of our business operations. We partner with a broad range of business units across the who work with us to ensure quality,stable & price competative route and also ensure the deliver of fair value, better service and simplicity to our customers. We recognise the importance of suppliers as stakeholders to our business. Also understand that our responsibilities extend beyond our own direct activities through our whole cusstomer across the world. We therefore expect our suppliers to share our value and emulate our values to ensure quality,stable & price competative route.

Our aim is zero harm to our supplier and the people we serve.

"Timely fashaion of payments on periodic basis is the key point of success and maintian the better relation ship "- is the moto of Songbird.

So if you want to become a supplier of songbird route please email us at sales@songbird-hk.com with your complete information and offers.


What is SongBird?

Answer: Songbird is a VoIP Service provider from Hongkong . Its product includes A-Z wholesale Route, Reseller program, Direct Calling card and much more.

How many types of routes are there? What Is CC Route, Per Route, Premium Route?

Answer: Songbird proudly offering A-Z all destinations route from multiple Tier one carriers along with its own direct termination routes. We are offering A-Z CLI and NONCLI route in aggressive rate.

What are the products of SongBird?

Answer: The product of Songbird are A to Z Route,Mobile Dialer, Soft Switch, Hosted Server, VoIP Resellers , Direct calling cards and much more.

What are Songbird wholesale rates?

Answer: Please email us at sales@songbird-hk.com for your requered destinations and information. One of Sales person will contact you within a short time.

What is Mobile dialer & Softswitch rent?

Answer: By Songbird Hosting service you can start your own VoIp Business with Your Own "brand name". Songbird will give you complete solutions for mobile dialer, soft switch and Hosted server along with 24*7 technical support with monthly rent basis.

What are the products of hosting service?

Answer: By songbird hosting service you can start your own Business With Your Own brand named , footer named and billing named on your hosting .

Hosting service start price?

Answer: Songbird provides the world class hosted VoIP solutions with the followings:
Licensed iTel Switch Plus.
Licensed iTel Mobile Dialer.
Licensed TP Smart/Platinum dialers.
Byte Saver (free with all the dialer).
Heigh configured Dedicated Server with unlimited bandwidth.
Alternate Reseller interface (Core4VoIP/VSR - iTel Version).

What is the pricing for Hosting service?

Answer: To facilitate the service more we offer the below packages with the affordable investment: 50CC ( 50 cc mobile dialer + 100 cc iTel Switch + Server) --->$199
100CC (50cc iTel mobile dialer +50cc another dialer + 150cc iTel Switch + Server) ---> $249
150CC (100cc iTel mobile dialer + 50cc another dialer + 200cc iTel Switch + Server) --->$299"

Can I get a demo for the Hosting service ( Mobiel and Soft switch)?

Answer: For demo please email us at sales@songbird-hk.com or call/What's app us +88-01950012340.

What is the cost of the reseller?

Answer: There is no cost for resellers. You can get a reseller account from us and create multiple levels of resellers and Pin from the system. All kinds of the mobile dialer and multiple user-friendly login interfaces is available for your reseller and Pin client.There is also online and offline payment systems are pre-added with the account. So there is no hassle for receiving payments from your client.

Where I can get a demo for the Reseller or Test Pin.

Answer: For demo please email us at retail@songbird-hk.com or call/What's app us +88-01950012340.

Contact Us

Office: 4 11/F, Boss Commercial Centre 28, Ferry Street, Yau MA Tei Kowloon, Hong Kong.
E-mail: sales@songbird-hk.com
Phone: +852-58035634, +88-01950012340
Skype: sales.songbird , retail.songbird

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